Workaround Suggestions for Lack of Keywords in iOS

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As KB has explained in another post, lack of space is one reason why keywords have not been included in S3 (or S2) for iOS. I, for one, am pretty reliant on using keywords in the MacOS version and can't use the iOS version as much as I'd like owing to their absence. (Every note I type in iOS, for example, has to be gone through on the Mac to add the keywords.)

So, does anyone have any suggestions as to a workaround, in the sense of finding a way to replace keywords with another method (via Custom Metadata?) that *does* sync between MacOS and iOS? I'm happy to lose the keyword facility if there were a sound alternative way of doing more-or-less the same thing. (If it helps, I tend to use 30 or 40 keywords, not just one or two.)

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Custom metadata isn't available in iOS Scrivener, either. :( My best suggestion: put your keywords list in a document that you then bookmark in project bookmarks. Prefix each keyword with a symbol combination you don't use anywhere in your text (example: xxxFred, xxxBarney, etc.). Finally, mark your documents by placing each document's keywords either in its document notes or its synopsis, prefixed with the combo you selected.

Now you can pop up that keyword list in iOS, and use iOS project search to produce a list of documents with the prefixed keyword you copy from the list.

It would be a pain in the keister to maintain both the official keywords AND this home-brew keyword substitute, so if I were doing it, I'd just ignore official keywords.
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This is the most disappointing omission in Scrivener for iOS.

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Not everything can fit on a stripped-down platform such as iOS.

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Good point well made, Mr. Blount: iPad Pros are great, but contra Tim Cook, they're really not laptop replacements, except for email, basic writing, etc. Sometimes, we forget that.

Thanks, too, Silverdragon, for the advice. I'll have a look into it. They're not the biggest thing in the world -- keywords -- but they would be useful at some point. Oh, and thanks for bringing Scrivener to the world; I think I've been using it since maybe 0.8 or something, Anyway, a very long time, and I still find out new stuff.