Simplenote Syncing Gone in Version 3.0?

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I've been a Scrivener user for years and have come to rely on Simplenote syncing because it's such a great way to quickly capture notes related to my project. I've searched high and low and am I right that it's gone in the latest version? If so, are there any plans to bring it back? Please do. I'm surprised no one else has posted about this as far as I can tell.

If there are no plans to bring it back, do you have any ideas for quickly capturing notes without having to go into the app on my iPhone, creating a new document, etc.? Please help.

Thank you.

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Unfortunately, the SimpleNote side of things has become increasingly unreliable over the past few years, to the point where we don't feel comfortable offering it as an alternative to our users.

Personally, I have an iOS Scrivener project on my phone set aside for "quick notes", Depending on the note, I can either create a new document or just add it to an existing "inbox" document and extract it to its final destination later,

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WritingInPittsburgh wrote: I'm surprised no one else has posted about this as far as I can tell.


I am actually not surprised you are the first one to notice because Simplenote has become quite unreliable over the years and I think its user base is now limited. I used to use it and stopped using it a long time ago. I am not sure what you mean with "do you have any ideas for quickly capturing notes without having to go into the app on my iPhone, creating a new document, etc.?", but if you mean capturing notes on your phone without using Scrivener there is plenty of options. I'd say the quickest one is Drafts. There are threads on this forum on how to use Drafts fairly efficiently with Scrivener. I haven't done it in a long time, but I think you can have your notes from Drafts straight into your Scrivener scratchpad. You need to set it up for text files though

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Index Card for iOS syncing is gone too--no big loss, haven't used it since iOS Scrivener came out.
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There are two good ways to keep a synced scratch pad type workflow with Scrivener, that don’t involve any particular third-party software:


Simple enough! Call it up with Window/Show Scratchpad whenever you need it on the Mac. To make this work on the go:
  1. In the General: Scratchpad preference pane (which is yes, going to get its typo fixed), set your Notes location to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, SpiderOak, Resilio Sync folder, etc.
  2. On your mobile, use your favourite text editor to edit the contents of that folder or create new files within it.

You might prefer using a plain-text workflow in that preference pane for this, since most of the best editors out there for mobile are plain-text. For example, Plain Text with the .md extension makes Editorial work nice.

It also might work best to target some app’s dedicated sync folder, since not all can browse sync services freely.

Folder Sync

File/Sync/with External Folder. When the above is too basic, this might do the trick. It’s very flexible with a lot of options, automatic snapshots like Simplenote gave you, direct project integration, the ability to work on whole chunks (or surgical sections) of your manuscript, etc.

Same as above, once you have a folder of files like this you can edit them anywhere in conjunction with a little sync glue and some text editors.

Refer to §14.3, Synchronised Folders, pg. 347 in the user manual, for more information.
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Indeed, this has gone, along with Index Card sync. I would stress that we really like Simplenote and Index Card and their developers, so this is not meant t be a negative reflection on them in any way. However, as noted, Simplenote has caused us quite a few support issues over the past couple of years. Mainly it was a matter of resources, though. As there's only me working on the macOS version, I have to be careful that I can continue to maintain support for various features. If Simplenote changes its API or Index Card changes its file format (as both have done at various points), I have to write new code. With Scrivener for iOS sync along with folder sync to maintain now, it was becoming a little impractical to support Simplenote and Index Card too. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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