Project targets and session targets in draft two

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I'm about to start work on draft two of a book, is there a simple way to set up the project and session targets for a second draft?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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It depends on how you want to do it. Options:

1. You could create a "First Draft" folder *outside* of the Draft folder and move everything inside the Draft folder into it, so that the Draft folder is empty.

2. You could create a "First Draft" folder *inside* the Draft folder and move everything in the Draft folder into it, and create a "Second Draft" folder alongside it. Then:

a. Open "Compile".

b. In the contents area, above the list of documents that will be included, choose "Second Draft" next to where it says "Compile:".

c. A couple of checkboxes will appear. Tick "Treat compile group as complete manuscript".

d. Hold down Option/Alt so that the "Compile" button changes to "Save" and click on it to save these settings.

e. Open the Project Targets window and click on "Options". Under "Draft Target", tick "Count current Compile group only". This will make it so that the "Second Draft" is now to all intents and purposes the Draft folder.

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