Is Scrivener Now Just a Word Processor?

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Well, there are three choices.

You can remove the artifacts in the editor, before you even get to the Compile stage, by using features like Edit -> Paste and Match Style or Documents -> Convert -> Text to Default Formatting -- both of which existed in Scrivener 2.

You can apply one of the Formats supplied with Scrivener. (The equivalent of Scrivener 2's Compile Presets.)

Or you can actually read the abundant tutorial material provided on how to create your own compile Format.

This is pretty much exactly what you would have needed to do back when you started using Scrivener, you've just forgotten because it was several years ago.

Actually, there's a fourth option, which is to revert to Scrivener 2 and discover the new options in Scrivener 3 by starting fresh in a new project.

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