Wish: Curved connections

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So glad to see both Scapple and Scrivener updated.
I use Scapple quite a lot.
I try other concept map type apps but keep coming back to the simplicity of Scapple (literally each and every time!)
The latest update with the ability to label connecting lines is very welcome.
For me, there is only one more feature I would like to see - curved connecting lines.
There are many cases where it makes sense to have two connecting lines between two notes.
At present the only way to show this is to fake things by placing a new note on the existing connecting line (thus breaking it in two) and using that note as the line's label (which was required in any case before the current update.)
curve0.jpeg (29.37 KiB) Viewed 333 times

While this shows the two connections it looks clunky as it requires different note styles to differentiate the fake connection label from the real notes and all connections remain straight lines.
Whereas curved connections would provide...
curves.jpeg (48.32 KiB) Viewed 333 times

I also realise curved connecting lines is a non trivial addition.
But hoping it can be considered.


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Thu Nov 30, 2017 10:39 am Post


Curved lines would certainly be nice, and I don't rule them out, but as you note, it's definitely not a trivial addition. To be honest, I'm not sure my trigonometry is up to it (I'm not even sure I mean trigonometry!). :) The problem is larger than just applying a curve, because for curved lines to make sense, there would probably also need to be some sort of collision detection: getting a line from one note to another and avoiding other notes on the way. Your own example perhaps doesn't require that, but that most likely requires another fairly complex addition: the ability to drag lines into a curve. That would be quite cool (I can see it working sort of like Photohop's Curves feature, perhaps) but would require new mechanisms to trigger such a drag, some complex calculations, and then some way of storing the curve data in the file format.

I'll definitely put it on the list for future consideration, but I'm afraid it's unlikely to be added soon because of the difficulties involved.

Thanks and all the best,
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Thu Nov 30, 2017 8:19 pm Post

many thanks for your thoughtful reply.

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What about connections with right angles? I'd be shocked if this isn't one of, if not the top request