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Is there a way to get other shapes, circles, etc.? If I made one in another program, what would I be able to do with it?

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There aren’t any additional shapes, by design. It’s not something that has been ruled out for all time, but especially for version 1, the idea was to provide a very simple toolset that had expressive capabilities built into and otherwise text-centric approach. The note model serves the text within it, as a way of making text less linear. It comes at this type of software from a slightly different trajectory than a typical diagram-based program, where having stuff like shape libraries and a bunch of appearance options is part of the focus of the design.

If I made one in another program, what would I be able to do with it?

The only thing I can think of would be to create an image of a shape and then import that, but it would just be a picture of a shape—like a photograph, it would get blurry if you made it too large, and you wouldn’t be able to type within it.
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