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There has been some discussion in the past about the possibility of linking an external program to a given document within Scrivener. I'm wondering if this is on the roadmap for version 3.

Here's a example of what I mean. Suppose I have a Freeplane mind map file with a node that contains research about Orpheus. I've used that research for a scene in my novel. I'd like a URI that represents that scene document in my Scrivener file, so I could paste that URI into Freeplane, and then clicking that link would open the Scrivener file and focus on that scene.

The inverse of this is already in place (and enormously helpful) I can paste a link for a Freeplane node into Bookmarks and it will take me to the node in my Freeplane file.

Is there hope for this functionality in the near future?

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This was something that is part of Scrivener 3 on macOS, so it is definitely on the roadmap for Scrivener 3 for Windows, so long as the Windows frameworks support the mechanisms necessary to getting this working.

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