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One of the most useful features for me is the Targets panel. I like that you can pick the days of the week that you are writing, but I would like to see just a couple of more considerations to the word count calculator. These would be "vacation days" and "personal days" (a.k.a. days that I just don't want to write anything).

The lack of this feature became a bit of a mathematical juggling act for me over the holidays where my deadline was 12/31/2017. However, Christmas get-togethers and other interruptions kept throwing off my daily target word count since I couldn't enter that Christmas Eve + Day were "no-writing" days as well as a make-up day due to weather for another get-together. Overall, I needed to "report" that I wouldn't be writing for an additional 3 days on top of my normal schedule of taking Saturday's off. What I ended up doing was artificially saying that I was also taking Sundays off as well (even though I wasn't) so that the target word count would take an additional three days off into account.

Anyway, the bottom line is that I would really like it if, besides just having the days of the week to write as an option, if I could put in actual planned vacation days as well as putting in that throughout the project period that I might also like 5 days off (for example). This would give me a more stable target word count from the get-go rather than seeing rollercoaster values.

Overall the base feature among all the other great features let me complete my book on time so not having the additional options is in no way a criticism. The request might seem a bit curt but that's because I'm trying to be to the point.

Anyway, great product and I've started on my next book.