Ability to apply multiple LABELS to items

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As someone who is still new to Scrivener, these are very helpful. Thanks again!

brookter wrote:1. You can save the 'Fixed Height' status and columns as part of a layout, so you could define a 'Categories Outline' specifically for this task. You can assign a shortcut to it in the normal way. (This is all on Window > Layouts > Manage Layouts. cmd-) )

2. If you highlight all the documents and choose Documents > Autofill > Set Synopsis from Main Text, you can save a bit of time, if all you're doing is using it to pad out the space.

The 'popup' text is a good idea and perhaps it will come at some point.

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No problem, glad they help.

But I've been using Scrivener since 2009 and I still find stuff in it which is new to me (even before we get to V3)!