lock binder order to prevent accidental reordering

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I see this has been requested over the years:



But I haven't heard anything recently. It hasn't been implemented yet, has it? It'd be much appreciated--it's WAY too easy at the moment to reorder something and not realize it. I just found out I sent something to the printer (5 copies, each 300 pages) with some sections out of order.

In terms of interface I already see three little icons below the "Binder". How about a simple "Lock" icon that toggles between locked and unlocked?

Thanks for a great product!

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I would really like this too. Scrivener isn't very touch screen friendly and sometimes I'll try to scroll down the binder and end up moving stuff or putting it inside an item.

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I would like to strongly support this. I use a magic trackpad and scroll up and down the binder trying to find something. All of sudden something gets picked up and plopped down somewhere else. The only way I know to fix this is by opening a backup (glad that Scrivener does a good job with backups) and looking at the document order there.

In the Editor you can click on the document name on top and lock the document in place. Couldn't there be something similar for the binder? It could be easy to turn off when you actually do want to move documents (which is much rarer than scrolling) and remain locked when you create new binder documents (something quite different from scrolling which I assume could be easily distinguished).

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Another vote for this.

The ability to Undo binder document moves might be even more important. I've often had something land where I didn't want it, and it is difficult to figure out how things were.
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This is an old thread, but as someone that only just barely avoided publishing a book with a scene out of order... this feature is still desired! I have no idea how the scene got moved, only that it was correct when it went to the proofreader and sometime between proofreading and compile it was accidentally moved.

In the meantime, I've got a workaround: Add the whole manuscript as a collection once everything is in the right order, then work with it from the collection. If anything is re-ordered there, it won't affect the binder.

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Tue Jan 30, 2018 6:56 pm Post

+1 for this - there comes a point in the process when things are where they belong & it would great to know they’ll stay there no matter my errant clicks and drags