Spellchecker - making it work

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There are some incredibly intricate solutions on this forum, but I found a variant of viewtopic.php?f=33&t=33533 did the trick:

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sudo cp /var/lib/aspell/en-*.rws /usr/share/scrivener/bin/Aspell/dict/

I had previously installed libaspell-dev, libqt4-gui, and libqt4-core to no effect.

There were some .rws files in /usr/share/scrivener/bin/Aspell/dict/ already but they are shown as type "unknown". On restart the spellchecker works, although the first time I used it it killed Scrivener. Now seems OK.

Netrunner 14.04

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Following this advice I was was able to get Scrivener spelling working on my Fedora 23 desktop (after months of being too lazy to try some of the other methods). Thanks Zelator !

Before copying the dictionaries I installed:

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sudo dnf install aspell-devel.i686 aspell-devel.x86_64 aspell.i686 aspell.x86_64 aspell-en.x86_64 aspell-en.i686

On Fedora the Aspell dictionary files are stored in /usr/lib. I keep Scrivener in a bin directory for my user - this will have to be modified this to match where you keep Scrivener. So for me the command to copy the dictionary files is...

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sudo cp     /usr/lib/aspell-0.60/en-*.rws     ~/bin/scrivener/bin/Aspell/dict

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Thank you Zelator. Most appreciated!

This worked on Linux Mint:

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sudo apt-get install libaspell-dev


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sudo cp /var/lib/aspell/en-*.rws /usr/share/scrivener/bin/Aspell/dict/

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You can save a little disk space by linking to the dictionary files instead of copying them:

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sudo ln -s  /var/lib/aspell/en-*.rws /usr/share/scrivener/bin/Aspell/dict/

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Can someone please make this a STICKY? Amazing! Easy! and SUPER USEFUL.

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Excellent! Just one extra step. I found that I also needed to install libaspell-dev. Installing only aspell was not enough; when I restarted Scrivener, I still did not see any dictionaries available in Tools -> Options -> Corrections -> Select Dictionary.

OP mentioned having installed libaspell-dev without success, so I think this may have already been present on the system and part of this solution.

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sudo apt install libaspell-dev

After installing libaspell-dev and copying the dictionary files as described above, I can access the dictionaries in Scrivener. Success! Thanks so much!