Loss of focus in the Binder when Spliting documents

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Mon Feb 20, 2017 10:13 am Post

Much appreciated. :lol:
Ioa Petra'ka
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I have read this thread, and others, and I get that this is "by design." I still don't get why it works the way it does. That the way it works now somehow improves my efficiency.

That someone has a billion items in the binder is not a reason for it to not respond to the selection of the editor's window.

And "shortcut" key-combinations that require three keys and looking at the keyboard are not "shortcuts." They are interface supports.

And: given the expectations of users that it should work differently than designed says to me that the binder has not been properly described. (Yes i know it is not possible to document why and how all "features" can enhance my work habits.)

I want to know where i am and the consequences of my actions. That the binder does not reflect where i am does not make me fell better.

So, when an issue like this is complained about and the response is mostly "get used to it," which is often the response to users complaining about what seem arbitrary changes/decisions, for this software and many others i use, i am just sad.

For me, so far, this is obviously an apple thing, of which i find many such apple things unreasonable.

"This is reality, get used to it." Nothing in life should just be accepted when it seems to make no sense. Currently there are way too many "just get used to it" stupidities we must endure daily: apple, MS, google, cakewalk,.... Changes from what was great to just plain cleverly-stupid, "look what i can do" "features" that provide no value.

Example: Most search engines now are just lousy. Used to be able to search for an exact phrase. No longer possible.

Another example of needed change: context menus need to be configurable, like the menu bar. Most of every selection on the editor's right-click menu will never be used by me. I will pay more to be able to not have them showing.

But what do i know? Just an old guy, using computers, and supporting computer users, since 1985.