How to survive nested list disfunctionality until Styles arrive?

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Hi there,

This was ment to be a pre-sales posting until I just read the blog post announcing styles for editor and compilation in V.3 Mac and that Windows will have it, too (So I haven't bought, yet you already sold ... hope it won't be very long though).

I am on day 12 of my trial period of Version Windows, working my way into my liking of your product ... and got severely stuck once I came across the issue of enumeration and text levels.

My main writing purpose is 'structured text' i.e. documentations, texts with a kind of legal structure etc. Therefore document internal levels and enumeration are features I extensively use. As compelling as Scrivener's capabilites to collect, categorize and link resource materials are on the one hand: Working the draft with numbered nested lists became such a frustrating experience and got me close to throwing the towel.

Imagine a 10 page legal charter containing 15 articles (level 1) with an overall of 80 sections (level 2) and about 20 clauses (level 3). No major piece ... and it seems possible to handle that in the editor when sticking to the predefined formats (indentation etc.). OK.

Yet I face two more problems when compiling the draft and I ask for your help here:

As described above, my draft contains 3 levels of enumerated text segments.
Level 1 (article) appears as regular text numbered by a placeholder tag '§<$n>'
Level 2 (section) appears as numbered list (list level 1)
Level 3 (clause) appears as numbered list (list level 2 = indented)

In compilation I use no titles but only the text portions and .odt (OpenOffice Writer) as target format.
2 Texts went into the compilation.
1st text: 1 article, 3 sections (level 1 list items)
2nd text: 1 article, 5 sections, 10 clauses (level 2 list items)

On the left: Scrivener and on the right: OpenOffice ...
left: Scrivener | right: OpenOffice Writer
Scrv-editor.jpg (304.74 KiB) Viewed 2009 times

In the editor, all lists and levels are intact and editable, yet in the output there are missing parts and only one mis-numbered level remaining ... it's a mess and I just don't know it how can be avoided. Any hints?

And furthermore: even if all levels would be reproduced correctly, the output draft is a flat leveled, entirely default-styled document. Is it realy the intended workflow to manualy assign formats to every new draft version? (In my sample case to about 130 mixed level list items).

I realy hope you can point me to the errors that I make to spare me some frustration until the next Windows update is released.

Thanks a lot.

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I am really new to this, and trying to get my head around this as well. I am fed up with writing legal documents in word and spending inordinate amounts of time fixing formatting and numbering...

Forgive me if this is a stupid suggestions, but are the <$hn>, <$ahn>, <$aon>, <$hn_0>, <$hn_levelN> placeholders not what you need? From the little research I have done I beleive these give nested numbering, like we both need, but i have not had a chance to experiment with it yet. I am planning to this week.