Footnotes when compiling to PDF

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I'm sorry if this has already been answered, but I haven't been able to use the forum search feature very successfully and all other information seems to be kind of old. I liked the last version of Scrivener, but whenever I tried compiling to PDFs, the footnotes would never actually end up at the foot of the page, instead going to the end of the document. This function is pretty important for what I do, so I ended up having to use other methods of creating PDFs outside this program.

I've been playing around with 3, trying to get it to work, but I haven't been successful. Is making PDFs with footnotes at the bottom of each page possible with this version?

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I have same doubt.

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You found any solution for this problem.

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No, everyone has been ignoring this topic it seems. I guess it's a functionality they don't want to even give the courtesy of addressing.

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It could be that since version 3 for Windows is still in early beta and the compile functionality is not all even present yet, let alone working correctly, that there is no good answer at this time other than "wait for a later version."

Also, queries about the Windows v3 beta are a lot more likely to be seen and answered by folks using it in the Windows Beta forum, not in the regular Windows forum.
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The only workaround I found to have footnotes at the bottom of a page is to compile to
doc/docx/rtf and then print a PDF out from word.

A lot of features which are present in the mac version doesn't work in windows.

I've just started a list with all the "bugs" I found.

Also the simple fact like when you compiling your draft to mobi/epub you will not be able to edit the "table of contents" before only if using third party software afterwards.
This TOC will be generated automatically by scrivener and I cannot customize this in no way.

In the mac version you have some code tags like <$toc>. So you can generate your custom toc and insert it where you want.

I noticed also that if you generate a toc by the "special copy" button "copy documents as toc", the links will not be present nor in a rtf or doc or docx file and won't work. They will be always generated as scrivener links and so this TOC is useless in word.

So I have to redo it.

I also didn't understand how scrivener treats formats. If I knew how to assign heading 1 and heading 2 to my titles in scrivener I would have less work to create my TOC in word. Because that is again time consuming.

Better option is to be able to compile propery to mobi/epub without any fuss afterwards. So I can publish the ebook right away.

But it seems I have to wait for version 3 to have these features :|

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Footnotes are most important when compiling to pdf
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The last time I checked, going straight to PDF from Scrivener always results in footnotes at the end of the document. But there are plenty of other output types that you can open in other software and then create PDFs from them to get footnotes, as well as other more sophisticated layout options. Try exploring other output formats if .doc/docx doesn't work for you. ODF files can be opened in Libre Office for instance, so you're not required to spend money on Word if you don't already have it.
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