Wake me when version 3.0 for Windows is released

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A year ago I dropped Scrivener for Mac for any practical purposes. My main machines are now Windows 10 Pro, since that combines PC, Tablet, Notebook, touch and pen into one travel machine (and a second higher powered notebook often connected to a UHD sized screen).
I tested the iOS version. Man was I disappointed. The modern iOS interface has not really made it to the iOS version yet (in many ways it reminded me of the "intricacies" of the venerable and long dead Windows 3.1),
So I uninstalled both my mac version and my iOS version (both paid for, but...). This time for good.
Now tell me, what benefit I get by buying the mac version for a computer I hardly use for anything serious these days, in the diminishing hope, that Literature & Latte may - or may not - live long enough to release (or not) the Windows version 3 in 2018 or 2019 or...
Life's too short for this, and I have long given up on vague promises from software developers.
Wake me when a complete version 3 for Windows is released to the general public.

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Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:53 pm Post


Here's what I got from your post:
- The iOS version was too hard/"intricate" for you to use
- You're frustrated that v3 for Windows hasn't been released yet

Frankly, I was and am fine with Windows v1--the past couple of years using Scrivener have been most productive for me--but have started working now in the Windows V3 beta, and so far I am enjoying the changes.

But on the road I also rely heavily on the iOS version, and if you feel the iOS version is too hard/"intricate", than perhaps Scrivener isn't for you.


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Mon Dec 04, 2017 6:38 am Post

Nothing to see here. The OP is apparently a troll whose only previous (loong, looong) post is dedicated to explaining why he's given up on Scrivener and in detail extolling the virtues of some note taking software that he apparently prefer. Horses for courses.
Scribo ergo sum

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matsgz wrote:The OP is apparently a troll whose only previous (loong, looong) post is dedicated to explaining why he's given up on Scrivener

One post in September and another in December is hardly trolling.
Having a similar range of hardware, I understand both the frustration and the choice.
I've converted my Scrivener projects to v3 and will stick to that. Of course, I can only afford to do that because I don't have major projects on Scrivener any more, and am unlikely to do so until there is an Android version. I have the iOS version but don't like or use it much (more a dislike of iOS than the Scrivener implementation really).
I will remain supportive of L&L.
You may not like the comments, but you have the most active Scrivener development being only on Apple, and insulting other L&L customers whose frustrations don't affect you is not helpful.