RTF reader failed loading doc. .../.../..6rtf

robert lazet
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Sun Jan 21, 2018 4:55 pm Post

I love to write in Scriv ever since 6 years ago. But yesteryear it started to give problems.
So I am writing in word now...wanted to go back to Scriv. Started a new novel, after 14 chapters I saved it and went to bed.
This morning I wanted to start it up again and it came with....

Win 10

Document Loader
Could not load document
RTF reader failed loading doc. xxx/xxx/xx..6rtf
Error unmatched { in rich text file. (The accolade was in between to high marks)
Question came if I wanted to go on anyway...With Yes the txt is loaded but unable to
manipulate the cursor.

Now I saved the file on an usb stick. That might be a reason.
If I closed the Scriv prog and starts it again, It comes with the same failcode.
If closed and use recent project', from a another location on the HD, there is no problem.
If closed and use open other project from usb stick...then the problem occurs in the now problemfile.