Help! Page deleted for no reason

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Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:56 am Post

I opened my current project today and saw that one of my chapters had been deleted. I had saved before closing the program, but as it is a fairly new project had not yet backed anything up. The other text documents also had a glitch as the little sign saying the page had been written on wasn't there. I've lost thousands of words and have no clue what Scrivener
could have done to the page. Please, help!

I had also gotten a message prior to opening the file which said something about some characters possibly being replaced, but didn't get a chance to read it before my file was opened. The program has also saved other minor edits to the other pages done at the same time of writing the missing page.

(I've also just added a new page, yet the program says that there's writing on it already. The page is completely blank.)

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The very same thing happened to me yesterday. But in my case, all but the last 6 chapters of my book went missing. The titles are still there but two weeks of work has vanished. And just for fun (not fun - I was distressed) I checked some of my other manuscripts and they'd been wiped, too. Thankfully, one of the earlier versions of the manuscript still existed so I don't have to start from scratch but I can't trust Scrivener until I figure out what happened.

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Something very similar just happened to me! Was jut typing and one of the documents within my draft was wiped blank. Even though I tried immediately to undo, the undo button would not work. Fortunately I only lost an hour of work, since the rest was saved on a USB, but I am pissed. Have you all figured out what happened?

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I had at least four folders and seven pages deleted from my project without my knowledge last night. I've been extolling the virtues of this software to friends lately. Now, I feel I must tell each of them about this worrisome bug. Even though I perform backups and print hard-copies, this is still a major inconvenience that will take hours to clear up. Once bitten ...