Using Scrivener 3 Mac with Scrivener 3 Windows (beta), it's compatible to share the same project right?

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I currently own Scrivener 3 on my Mac computer (upgraded from version 2), and I own Scrivener 2 on my windows laptop. I'd like to work between the platforms fluidly and have been able in the past with the previous mac version. I simply save in dropbox, and open it up on the other computer and vice versa. No exporting or converting.

If I participate in the Scrivener 3 beta for Windows, will I be able to do this with the Scrivener 3 on the mac? No exporting or converting necessary?

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Working Between Platforms
Those users who own both the macOS and Windows versions of Scrivener and who work between them may be wondering about the best upgrade route for them given the gap between the releases of Scrivener 3 for macOS and Windows. Such users have three options:

1. You can continue using Scrivener 2 for macOS and Scrivener 1 for Windows. (Anyone who buys Scrivener 3 will find that their Scrivener 3 licence can also be used in Scrivener 2, which can still be downloaded here.)

2. You can upgrade to Scrivener 3 on macOS and use the Scrivener 3 for Windows beta, which is available on our forums. Please note that at the time of writing, Scrivener 3 for Windows is very much a work in progress, so you will want to compile your work in the Mac version. This option is only recommended for those who back up regularly and don’t mind putting up with beta quirks in the Windows version.

3. You can upgrade to Scrivener 3 on macOS and use its Export > as Scrivener 2 Project feature to create a copy of the project that can be opened by Scrivener 1 for Windows. ... crivener-3