Scrivener project reverted to an older state and lost its documents

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Thu Nov 23, 2017 3:23 pm Post

I spend all of yesterday writing in my scrivener project and adding new doc files in the process, but when I opened my scriv project today it loaded as it was the beginning of yesterday. All the documents and folders I added since then had completely disappeared.

Something to note is that the first couple times I opened the project today it gave me a popup window saying something was wrong with my indexes and that I should go to the "tools > save and rebuild search indexes" option but that didn't help.

Luckily when I went to the .scriv folder I found all the documents intact but I don't why most of them aren't showing up in the project. How can I fix this? Anybody know what could have caused it?

Edit: This has been my first couple weeks using the Scrivener trial version. I was really enjoying it up until this happened but honestly now the program seems just too unstable for me to feel comfortable continuing to use it. Unless you all can give me a good explanation as to how something like this happened and how I can fix it I think I'll probably be going back to Google docs.