Organising Custom Icons

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At present, adding new custom binder icons just inserts them into the pre-existing list. This works pretty organically on Mac, where the list is vertical and scrollable, but in Windows it just adds column after column; I've found this makes it impossible to navigate after a certain point because it doesn't let you scroll horizontally past the edge of the screen.

I'm wondering if there's a way to add new icons within a sub-folder, like we see in the defaults for, say Way-Stations and Flags? Or possibly a way of making the list run vertically instead of horizontally as it does on Mac? Anything to make it more manageable, basically.

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I second this. I'd like a way to create folders for icons, too. The default ones have folders, and it would be helpful if we could do that for ours, too.

Maybe instead of changing the built-in icon manager, there could be an option to point to folders and icons on the local hard drive?

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Seconding this. I hit the limits of my widescreen with the icons and would like to classify them in neat folders to save space like the default icons do.
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Yes, this will be possible in the future using a naming convention. The existing icons in fact already do that, but we haven’t made it yet possible for custom icons to be recognised the same way. You could for example add your own way-station flag by calling the file “Way-Station (My Flag Colour)”. The “My Flag Colour” would appear as an entry in the “Way-Station” submenu—and you could of course create your own groupings in the same fashion.
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I was also looking for a way to organize custom icons into folders / categories. IMO this would be a very nice new feature.