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I don't know if this is helpful or not, because I cannot reproduce it reliably, but I often find Scrivener at 100%+ CPU during normal operation. When it happens:
1. Scrivener is in Fullscreen.
2. I have just compiled to .pdf with a custom format.
3. I have "open the document in preview after compiling" checked.
4. Scrivener is not being asked to do anything else.
The 100% CPU sticks after the .pdf is closed, after Scrivener is taken out of full screen, and after a trip to the store for a bottle of wine.

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It sounds like you are monitoring Scrivener in Activity Monitor, so what I would do is use that same tool to sample a report of what Scrivener is actually doing when it is demanding so much CPU. Since it seems stuck it should be fairly easy to catch it. Next time you see it happen, click on Scrivener in the Activity Monitor list, and use the View/Sample Process... menu command. That will take a few seconds. When it completes a dialogue will appear with a bunch of information and a button to save it all as a file. Do so, and send me a copy via PM as an attachment, or to our email address.

Also open up Console.app and make sure you aren’t getting any warnings or errors that look relevant while this is going on.
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I also had issues with Scrivener at 100% CPU / spinning beach ball / non-responsive. My issues were related mostly to manipulation of jpeg images. Insert / Image from file would reliably cause the beach ball to appear. Also double clicking on the image and attempting to scale, or center the image would also cause the problem. I have collected the console logs and the sample of Scrivener from the activity utility. This has been somewhat painful as my document has 100 images.

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I would create small copies of the images and put them in the Research part of Scrivener and then use Link to external file in the project when it is time for compilation.
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