Very odd text selection behaviour

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this is a very specific and odd glitch:

When I'm typing a document within Scrivener 3 and I manually select text using option + shift + left arrow key, the last letter of the last finished line doesn't get selected. When I hit "delete", the character remains at the end of the line.
(For example, if I was to select text in this post in that way, the "d" of the "the last letter [...] " line would remain.

I've tested it in other softwares and the behaviour isn't replicated.
I've tested it in Scrivener with option + shift + up arrow key and it isn't replicated.
I've tested it in Scrivener with shift + left arrow key and it isn't replicated.
This didn't happen on Scrivener 2.

It only happens with option + shift + left and it only does it with the last character of the last finished line and only if said line reaches the end of the right margin (i.e. not with a forced line break using the Return key).

I understand that this is a very specific request but this is a combination of keys I use a lot when I edit as I'm composing and it really weighs on my process.

I'm not sure if you can isolate what produces this glitch but if you could patch it, that would be AWESOME.

I can provide screenshots if it helps.

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Jolanth Szatmary
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I just tried to replicate this, everythings works as it should on my system. Have you updated to High Sierra? I'm still using Sierra, as I've heard of many glitches with with text selection, text dragging, etc. in High Sierra. Still strange that this behaviour can't be replicated in other Apps. Have you tried TextEdit?



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Hi Jo.
Thank you for answering!
No, I'm still in Sierra and, yes, I've tried in TextEdit and it doesn't replicate this behaviour although it is systematic in Scrivener.

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Doesn't help you, but I don't have the same problem using Scrivener 3.0.1 (966) on High Sierra, macOS 10.13.3 (17D25b).

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On my Mac it is the alt key that has the text option, and the Apple key has the text command. If I press shift-option-left arrow I select one word to the left, nothing else. Using shift-command-left arrow selects from the cursor position to the beginning of the line, irrespective of where the cursor is positioned and without error.

Is the key combination you talk about really shift-option-left, not shift-command-left?