Style shortcuts (i.e opt-cmd-1) supersede ctrl-opt-cmd-1 in Scriv 3

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I'm trying to establish personalized Scrivener 3 shortcuts through the Keyboard tab of System Preferences (as I did in Scrivener 2), but when I use the shortcuts I have defined as ctrl-opt-cmd-1, ctrl-opt-cmd-2, etc (for changing the highlight color), the style shortcuts of Scrivener 3, which are labelled opt-cmd-1, opt-cmd-2, etc are implemented instead. I don't see any CTRL-opt-cmd shortcuts in the Format menu. Am I missing something?

Thanks, and thanks for continuing to update Scrivener, which I have always found to be wonderful.


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Hi Robert,

Sorry for missing this. Have you figured this out yet? Do other custom shortcuts work? I'm wondering if, if you have Scrivener 2 still installed, they might be going there, instead. The thing to do is check that the keyboard shortcuts are actually appearing in the menus - my guess is that they are not, in which case macOS is failing to install them for some reason.

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Hi Keith,

I could never get ctrl-opt-cmd-1 (or any ctrl-opt-cmd-number) to work for the highlighters, although they did appear in the menus. (And I do have Scriv 2 still installed.) In Scriv 3, ctrl-opt-cmd-1 would always implement the opt-cmd-1 (or opt-cmd-number) shortcut for formatting. I finally switched to ctrl-cmd-number, and they work.

Relatedly, as with Scriv 2, in Scriv 3 the user-defined highlighting shortcuts don't work until I open the Format > Highlight menu. Once I've opened that, they work as expected for the rest of my session.

Thanks for the reply.