?Bug - Typewriter scrolling still on, when zoomed to 110%, inspector sidebar closed

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A very specific one this, but it appears that on my macbook (2015) that when I zoom to 110%, and close the inspector sidebar, typewriter scrolling, or a janky approximation of it, returns even if disabled under 'view->etc.' Switching to 100% or 125% and the scrolling seems normal (i.e. typewriter scrolling stops).

If I enable typewriter scrolling on the 110% zoom the scrolling seems to bounce around up and down by a couple of line widths. It's impossible to write with the jumping around. But ONLY on 110% zoom, which is naturally my favourite view.

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This bug happens to me too. I use Scrivener at 140% and it is impossible to disable "typewriter scrolling - or a janky approximation of it" just as the OP noted.

I go under view > text editing > typewriter scrolling, toggle on and off, and it stays on, no matter what.

A small thing - but means I can't use my preferred zoom. It was driving me nuts and drove me to Google where I found this post. (and maybe I was procrastinating a little on the writing.)

I noticed that if I switch to 150% the constant repositioning/scrolling of my manuscript every time I type stops.

FWIW I am in scrivenings view.

Love, love Scrivener btw and have used it for MANY years. This is a rare bug. Thank you!

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I'm afraid I cannot reproduce this at any zoom level. Things to try:

- Change the window width a twitch. Sometimes this clears out gremlins like this.

- If that doesn't work, test turning off "Fixed width editor" in Preferences > Appearance > Main Editor. Does that make it go away?

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