Scriv3 Bullets and Numbering Not Continuing

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When I have a document open for editing and select either a bullet list or a numbered list, the bullet or number appears on the current line as expected. After I enter text and press return, the bullets or numbers do not conitnue. I merely get a blank line.

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I have found the same problem....
Although it worked when I first installed Scrivener 3,
    the bullet points style no longer
      it is not possible to adjust the space between bullet point and text, as it used to be possible with Presets in Scrivener 2.

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      I am having the same issue - any resolutions here?

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      Nothing has changed with bullets between Scrivener 2 and 3 - they are exactly the same and use Apple's code. You're not using styles, are you? That could complicate things with bullets.

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