MMD to RTF paragraph spacing

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I am using Scrivener 2.8.1 on Mac, using the preset that imitates plain text. I have written a MMD document with two returns after each paragraph. When I compile to html it looks like I intend, with no paragraph indent, and a space between each paragraph. When I compile MMD to rtf, every paragraph that comes after a bullet list begins immediately beneath the list, there is no space between. I have read through the parts of the manual that seem to apply, but I must admit the terminology of the compile process is difficult for me to comprehend. It doesn't matter how many paragraph spaces are inserted, the text is always on the following line. What do I need to do to get white space between my lists and the following paragraph?

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I can confirm that there seems to be some sort of paragraph collapse between a list and subsequent paragraph for MMD->RTF compile. I've upgraded to MMD 6[1] (which no longer supports RTF) so can't test it directly on the command line, but perhaps this bug doesn't exist in v5.4? You can of course just edit the RTF file manually after compile to fix this. MMD V5.4 does specifically state its RTF support is limited.

MMD can convert more thoroughly to ODF files which don't have this bug, so you can then export to RTF if you really need RTF output.

Pandoc also converts lists to RTF without any problem...

[1] I am somewhat confused as Scrivener still allows mmd->RTF even though I have V6.2 installed, so it must not be using my installed version but its own internal version. I've never quite understood the conditions under which Scrivener chooses to use an installed mmd vs. its own version...