Export to Latex doesn't includes all

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Mon Mar 07, 2016 10:07 pm Post

I'm not sure if this problem is scrievener or MultiMarkdown related.

i tried out to export that Scrivener Project: https://saigkill.github.io/Der_Pruefstein.scriv.tar.gz

I choosed the export to tex by using Multimarkdown.

Maybe anyone can try out the scriv folder please?

Actually it breaks there: "Der Wiwi-Treff berichtet dazu:

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Eine relative Mehrheit der Ökonomen erwartet von den Asylbewerbern eher Nachteile für das Land. Das gaben 40 Prozent der befragten Wirtschaftsprofessoren an. Eher Vorteile in der Zuwanderung sehen nur 23 Prozent. Für den Rest der Ökonomen wiegen sich Vorteile und Nachteile auf. Die deutschen Wirtschaftsprofessoren teilen damit mehrheitlich nicht den Optimismus etwa des Chefvolkswirts der Deutschen Bank, David Folkerts-Landau. Er hatte den Flüchtlingszustrom als größte wirtschaftliche Chance für Deutschland seit der Wiedervereinigung bezeichnet. Auch DIW-Ökonomen hatten unlängst verschiedene Szenarien simuliert und waren zu dem Ergebniss gekommen, dass sich die Investitionen längerfristig in jedem Fall auszahlen. Das Pro-Kopf-Einkommen der bisherigen Einwohner Deutschlands werde durch eine gelungene Integration sogar steigen.


But before the mmd-memoir-footer should be included:

  • Metaphern zur Panikmache
  • Vorbildliche Projekte in Deutschland
  • Conclusio
  • Kolophon

Inside the compiling setting i have enabled the checkbox and i don't know why it doesn't includes all.

It would be great if another one can try it out. If you can compile it as expected it looks like the problem is on my machine.
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Mon Mar 07, 2016 11:01 pm Post

Hmm, the project you included worked fine for me, however I’m not sure if I got to see the whole picture. The project was left open in Scrivener when it was copied, so I had to force it open, and it could be your compile settings hadn’t been saved when the copy was created, because they just came up fairly stock and set to “Print” not “MultiMarkdown -> LaTeX”.

Maybe try downloading from that link yourself, and extracting it somewhere temporary so you can test. If that copy works and the other doesn’t you can just go through settings with both projects’ compile panes and see where the difference is.

(By the way a good way to share a project is with the File/Back Up/Back Up To... command. It has a built-in zip option (alas, not .tar.gz ;)) and even though it can be done while you are working in the project, the resulting copy will be in a closed state with all configuration files up to date.)
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