Can I add line spacing to body text without messing up the compile?

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Just starting with new version 3. I'm put off by the note in the tutorial that warns against creating a style for body text because that might interfere with formatting during compile. But the recommended "no style" does not have any spacing after a paragraph. I dread working through my whole book with no white space between paragraphs. With the old presets, you could change font and spacing without impacting compile. What can I do now to create white space between paras?

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This sort of thing is handled the same way it was in v2, except you can set the default formatting of text for just the project (see the Project->Project Settings menu) or for all Scrivener projects that don't have Project-level default formatting set via Scrivener->Preferences.

I suggest selecting 3 adjacent paragraphs, and then adjusting the paragraph spacing for them. Once you're happy with that, go to either Scrivener Preferences or Project->Project Settings and in the Formatting pane, click the "use Current" button to copy font & paragraph formatting.

Finally, select existing documents and use Documents->Convert->Text to Default Formatting... to update font & paragraph settings for all unstyled text. The aspects covered by paragraph or character styles will not be changed by this action (so Heading 1-styled text won't change font size or color, nor will it affect paragraph spacing for that text, for instance).
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