table of contents doesnt work?

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Hello, hope it is right place to ask question about table of contents
ve been using scrivener 3 for about 2 months but dont really understand why my table of contents isnt organized(as you can clearly see below )

could anyone help me please?

thank you
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It looks like you are missing some important tab stops in there. If you look at the original in the editor with View ▸ Text Editing ▸ Show Invisibles enabled, you should see how it is all put together. So when you compile this, make sure not to assign your contents document to a Layout that wipes out tab stops and indenting. Choosing the “As-Is” option at the bottom of the “Assign Section Layouts” view, off of the main compile overview screen, might be a good choice, or if you need more than that, creating a Layout of your own that does what you need (like inserting a header) but leaves the main text formatting alone.
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