Antidote dons't correct Scrivener anymore

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Same thing happened on forlast upgrade: After upgrading Antidote and/or Scrivener to their latest versions, Scrivener looses its correction with Antidote.
Last time, the problem magically disapeared after few weeks of having to copy-stick back and forth texts on Textedit.
Will it be the same scenario this time... or at every upcoming upgrades?
What can I do to see the Scrivener file appear into Connectix?

Many thanks for any vint or solution,
Have a nice day everyone.

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Is it still not working ?
Have you found a workaround ?


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I would think that's entirely up to the development team for Antidote. Unless I missed some mention of compatibility with that tool on this website?
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did you solve this problem ? I have all my book to correct and the link is still broken for me between Antidote and Scrivener. I really don't want to lose so much time copying and pasting... I don't have so much time.