Target for document in Composition Mode

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Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:07 pm Post

For various reasons I have one project (Encyclopedia articles, Or perhaps I should say Encyclopaedia articles) and a folder, then a document for each article. This is a good way to organize.

Each article has a different word target.

I LOVE composition mode, but would like to have the target (lovely reinforcement) for that document alone displayed when I am composing. But though there is a very nice window for PROJECT word counts that can float beside the composition mode, there seems no way to have that reflect targets for only the document I am writing. It shows the word sum of ALL the Encyclopedia articles. NOT what is desired.

And though there is a word count for the document with a nice little grow-bar, that shows up only in binder view.

Suggestions? Or perhaps an option needs to be added?

More likely is that I've just missed how to do it, though I've searched the forum and the manual.

As always, thank you for answering, and thanks to KB for Scrivener. I am just now getting the hang of 3 and it's pretty great, and very handsome.