Session Target seems to have stopped working ...

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Hi all. I'm on Scrivener 2.8.1 on MacOS. I had set a session target for 3,000 words, with the option checked to reset counts at midnight. This worked fine for a while. Then today I noticed, after writing for a good bit, that my daily session target was still at 0. Not sure why. I'm still working in the same project, and I reconfirmed the settings. The only difference I can think of is that I was in a new text document (new chapter) within my project. I had done a compile of my first few chapters a day or so ago, so in the Show Project Statistics options I made a couple of changes. Honestly not sure what, but I believe I unchecked the options at the top to count session data from "this compile only." After that I finally noticed my word count going up, but of course it isn't a full reflection of what I've done today.

Just want to make sure I'm understanding how this works correctly as I'm relying on a daily target. Any advice appreciated.