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Hey there,

I've just installed S3 on my new iMac at home--running High Sierra.

All good.

Now, I've just made the mistake (it would seem) of trying to install the same on my older MacBook Pro. I had moved to quick and hadn't noticed that S3 won't run on OS 10.7.

It's no simply matter, either, to get from 10.7 to 10.13 - so I decided to simply remove S3 and reinstall S2 (2.5, specifically, I believe).

I've now removed and reinstalled twice--also restarted my computer both times.

All attempts to open my Scrivener file fails. Clicking on them DOES cause Scrivener to open. Once in a while I get the progress bar that seems to show that my file is in the process of opening. Then nothing.

It does not seem to be possible to start a new file, either--something which I experimented, just out of curiosity.

I rely on Scrivener SO heavily. I'm panicking. Please help me.