Scrivener opens up an can see the menu but not opening any file

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I purchased and downloaded version 3 and took me a while to unmount the dmg file. I did it several times and finally it has been downloaded properly. I entered the registration key and the program was properly registered but cannot open any file. I can see the menus on the top of my screen as per attached file and can access the menu properly but cannot open any file. Any suggestions?
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Do you have an existing Scrivener project you are trying to open? If so, what happens when you double-click on the project file itself? Or are you trying to start a new Scriv project? What happens when you try to do that by choosing the new project option from the file menu? Another thing to try: open the Scrivener Tutorial project from the help menu. It is not really clear yet where you are running into trouble.
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Also, make sure that your projects are not located inside of your backup folder (verify that in the Backup preference pane, which should open). Scrivener tries to warn you about not storing backups and working data in the same location, and there is a bug in 10.13 with that warning that causes the appearance of nothing happening.

If you cannot create a tutorial to your desktop, if the new project window doesn’t open, and you can’t get into preferences, then I would try a reinstall.
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