numbered lists: import/export Scrivener <> MS Word

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I want to import my book from MS Word, complete it in Scrivener, and export back to MS Word with all styles kept intact.
I have a problem with numbered list.
1. In my original MS Word I have a simple list, styled eg with "Paragraph List":
1. word imported.png
This is my numbered list in MS Word
1. word imported.png (27.69 KiB) Viewed 79 times

2. This is how it appears in Scrivener.
2. after import to S.png
2. after import to S.png (76.55 KiB) Viewed 79 times

Note it is styled as "No style"

3. Then I compile the file to MS Word (template: General Non-Fiction, format: Non-Fiction Manuscript (Times)), open exported MS Word and obtain sth like that:
3. after export to MS Word.png
3. after export to MS Word.png (37.61 KiB) Viewed 79 times

1. Numbers and letters are repeated
2. Style of the text in MS Word is "Normal"

My question: how to set up the Scrivener in such a way, that it will:
1. import Numbered Lists and Lists?
2. export them without "double-numbering" and with MS Word Paragraph list applied?

I would appreciate Your help. With hundreds of pages it's close to impossible to manually correct all the list...

Many thanks for tips in advance,