Breaking up my book in to chapters

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So I am new to Scrivener. I just got finished writing my first book using Scrivener and didn't use it as the tool that I now am seeing it as. I just wrote like any other platform. Now I have everything in one Scene. Does anyone know how to break this down into separate Chapters/Scenes easily? I don't want to spend hours to copy and paste everything. I was hoping that I wasn't the first to do this and someone knows a way to do this in fewer steps.


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Put your cursor at the first spot in your text where you want to split it off the previous text into its own document. Then use the Documents->Split menu. Continue down your document, splitting where it makes the most sense to you.

You should probably start the tutorial (Help->Interactive Tutorial), which is just a project that has instructions for exploring Scrivener's features. That will teach you such things as how to split a long document into smaller ones, and it will introduce you to terms and functions that you can then use for whatever purposes make sense to you.
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This is scrivener's single greatest strength, in my experience.