Reformat docx to stageplay

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Hi all ~

I am struggling to reformat a script that is in a word document. I cannot seem to reformat any of the lines to be dialogue or characters or stage actions. Hitting enter or tab doesn't seem to work, and selecting every line and clicking the drop down menu would take me hours. Is there a quick fix that I am missing?

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If you want Scrivener to import your doc into a script format automatically, you have to tell it what to expect of your text, formatting-wise, and your formatting of different elements will have to be consistent.
If you have just been freelancing your script in Word, your best bet is to try using Scriv's Fountain-format import capability.

You will need to look to see how close the script formatting in your Word doc is to Fountain format. Fountain is a plaintext format for scriptwriting and Scrivener can import such text files. Chances are if you have been at all following standard coventions for scripting, your doc will already be pretty close, but you will need to massage it to make it just right no doubt.

If you are not familiar with what the conventions are for Fountain formatted text, you can learn more here:

Under the Syntax tab there you can skim for the basics.


P.s. If you do end up manually converting things paragraph by paragraph, using key commands rather than the drop-down menu will save you a lot of time.
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