Integrating new citations with old (Word, EndNote, Scrivener)

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I had some difficulties with documents that I had already written in Word and used a list of references. When I imported the document to Scrivener and added new citations, and then compiled and opened in Word, the citations wouldn't integrate in the new list of references. Instead the new citations from Scrivener ended up in a new list, below the "old" ones. I found a way to work around this, maybe it can help someone else!

-start by saving a new version in Word (just to be on the safe side)
-under the EndNote tab in Word choose "Convert to unformatted citations"
-save the file and import it to Scrivener
-to add new citations, go to EndNote and copy from the list of references, then paste into the Scrivener document
-compile as RTF
-open in Word, choose "Update citations and bibliography" and voila, the complete list of references is there!
-save as a Word document.