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I'm used to typing in Word or Pages, where the document I'm typing is shown as if it is being typed on sheets of paper, as opposed to one continuous page. Is there a typewriter page mode or page indicator? If not, is there a page counter?

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I don't think the Windows version does have a Page View yet. The Mac version does, so the windows version almost certainly will in Version 3 (due out next year).

In the meantime, Project > Project Statistics will show you an estimate of the number of pages, I think.

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One of the hardest things for me to wrap my brain around when I first switched to Scrivener was the fact that it's not WYSIWYG... intentionally. The purpose of formatting a single document is not to have it look as it will when it's output (with rare exceptions), but to make it easy for me to write. Output is handled by Compile, and the best way for me to preview output is to compile to a PDF and look at that.

Once I accepted this, Scrivener became so much easier to use! I don't worry about font, font size, line spacing, etc. All that will be handled in compile. I set those things up to make it easy for me to write, as the default formatting. If I have to submit to an editor as double-spaced Times New Roman on US Letter, I set that up in compile. I can also set up a .mobi output to submit to Kindle, and a fully formatted gorgeous PDF with 5x8 pages, alternating gutters, and chapters always beginning on the right-hand page, for publication through CreateSpace. The only pages I do as WYSIWYG any more are front and back matter (title pages, etc.)

It sounds like you have a hard page limit to write to. If so, I'd suggest you use the Manuscript compile preset, tweak that until it matches your submission requirements (margins, font, etc.) and save it as a custom compile preset. Then when you want to check your page count, compile to PDF.

Of course, I may be totally off base with this. If so, I apologise for wasting your time. :-)
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