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Thu Mar 13, 2008 11:07 am Post


Just a request to follow the instructions in the forum description:

Note: please post support questions in Technical Support, and make sure the tips and tricks here relate to Scrivener only. Thanks!

This forum is for the FAQ guide and for tips and tricks about Scrivener that you want to share with other users. It is not for asking for help with using Scrivener. Please use the Technical Support forum for that. The main reason I ask this is not only to make it easy to find relevant information for users, but also, if you want me to reply, this is not the place to ask. I don't check the Tips & Tricks forum more than once a week, as it should not be a place that requires much of my attention. On the other hand, I check the Technical Support forum several times a day, so if you post a question there, you are likely to get an answer.

In general, if you're not sure where to post, follow these rules:

Am I asking a question?
If so, post in Technical Support.

Do I have a tip or something really helpful that I have found in my workflow with Scrivener that I want to share with other users to help them?
If so, post here.

Do I have a question or tip relating to some different software?
If so, post in Software by Other Folk.

If you're still not sure, post in Technical Support.

Thanks for your co-operation,