The Novel Factory for plotting a novel outline

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Marstouria wrote:
Damn, devinganger and I have said too much! No matter, it's a big market and thus far I've kept what I've created for my own use only.

Oh no! I definitely don't want to tread on anyone's toes. To be honest using an existing bit of software that does exactly what I want is far preferable to building a new ones from scratch!

It's fine mate, I'm only teasing. Ideas aren't worth squat, it's the execution that matters. More heads solving a problem is better and besides, I have zero interest developing for Windows and as noted, what I've created is pretty much tailored made to the way I work and the way I like to world build.
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The Novel Factory is one of my favourite writing programs. I purchased it a few months ago even before the short trial had run out. Reading through this thread, I gather that it's been further developed since June 2016; there was a nice update shortly after I began using it which added further templates and more detailed character profiles.

Though I'm not a beginner, this software has taught me lots about structuring a novel. I also love the way it develops ideas from the slightest spark to a fully fledged plot.

There are features myself and others have asked for on TNF forum: colour themes; and a more complex one regarding the windows, the latter has been noted and may be altered.

Not a replacement for Scrivener, but a very useful adjunct.