FoldingText and the PAPER notebook app - does it exist?

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Sun Oct 21, 2012 1:55 am Post

Juddbert, you're right, except TaskPaper doesn't have the folding and outlining that FoldingText does. But now I know that the tag filtering stunt is coming back to FT, I think that may be the answer.

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michaelbywater wrote:
AndreasE wrote:I have difficulties to see why the process of jotting down inspirations in a notebook while walking the dog (which, indeed, should be as quick and simpel as possible) and the process of, well, processing those notes for further use should be the same. The second look, transfering relevant notes from paper into a file/system/database, involves thinking, pondering, rethinking, development, catching additional ideas etc., so there should be no point in handling a slightly more sophisticated interface.

On the other hand, I have to admit that although I've spent a lot of money on software like DevonThink, Tinderbox and the like, I manage my thoughts, ideas and relevant notes from four decades still in binders and filing boxes, because until day, nothing beats paper for this purpose. At least for me. To use a computer is already "post-processing".

Doesn't that just mean your workflow is different to mine?

Yes, most probably.

When transcribing a notebook I just want to get the stuff off the page and into the computer. Post-processing ("writing") comes later.

Hmm. It has happened that I said to myself, "I will only transfer my notes from the notebook into a file and deal with it later", but I simply cannot bring myself to do just this. I always change what I copy, add explanations, change the wording, note additional ideas that come while I transfer the other one. This is, BTW, independant of the medium; it happens even if I transfer notes from pieces of paper or the stereotypical napkin into my paper-notebook. To the dismay of my wife, I tend to keep the napkin as well … :D

But: What about Journler?

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This is a terrific Tinderbox task. I'm with @michaelbywater from the very start: take your notes in Tinderbox, let an agent gather them, and then export the agent's findings to a text file.

What would be nice, in this context, is to export that text file to a format that FoldingText can easily fold. This should be easy, and would be very handy!

Another nice thing to do, of course, would be to export the text in a way that's nicely formatted for some sort of paper notebook. Binders, like those good old DayTimer pages, are one possibility -- and of course the whole notion of ordering up a bunch of binders has sudden resonance for US politics!

I think it might be a ton of fun, though, to print notebook pages 4-up or even 8-up, with appropriate imposition and some really nice typography. Fold, trim, sew into signatures, and then slap them between leather-covered board (or maybe waterproof tarpaulin). This is Too Much Work for one to do oneself, but I can easily imagine a cute service that would take your files, or sheets, and run you up a nice binding.

But, seriously, this is easy to do with Tinderbox export.

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Michael: I am on a similar quest. One thing that comes somewhat close is SlipBox ( Here, a 'document' would be a collection of notes that can be tagged, collated, and the results exported in a variety of formats.

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Further to my last, and for those with Tinderbox, a partial solution:
  • Worked example: here
  • Above as PDF with example files: here
  • Questions/Discuss furth on the Tinderbox forum: here (I don't want to bore those withuot the app0
Expectation management: it's unlikely to match everyone's workflow. People tag in different ways and want to review in different ways. I'm really trying to just give a few possible parts to solutions for others Indeed this isn't an actual problem I'm facing at present, but I had to wait for someone this morning and the Devil makes work for idle hands.

My starting point was @michaelbywater's comment:
I want to transcribe the good stuff into ONE DOCUMENT and tag it as I go

I've made one slight Tinderbox interpretation to that in that once ingested the 'doc' can be exploded to many notes for better analysis and still recombined as required. Although I've written up how the TBX file was made, I expect most will want to just play with the result so specimen files are provided). although the plain text export viewer is used for the review, that's for simplicity - I didn't want to get bogged down in what happens next.

Lastly, none of this is to suggest that some small iOS can't do much of the central tag-search task on bodies of plain text - some interesting app's have had a name check here. Anyway, I hope it helps somebody (and wasn't just a wasted slow morning!).

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Well, I have learnt more about Tinderbox in the past hour (by working through the PDF instructions step by step) that in years (literally) of faffing about getting frustrated. Thank you for this, mwra -- very helpful (and I didn't even need a solution such as this!).

More step-through projects such as this one would go a long way towards making Tinderbox more accessible. I do have a couple of questions, but they are Tinderbox related rather than project-specific, so I will take them to the Tinderbox forum as requested when I have played around a bit further to see if I can find the answers myself, now that I'm on a roll. :)
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