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I thought I should introduce myself here, somewhere. This seemed like a suitable spot, but if I am in the wrong territory, please dont whip me. I have not had my supper yet.

I am more photographer, than writer, but I like both very much. For my first book, Id like to just do a simple Inspirational book with a beautiful nature or landscape photograph, and then 1/2 to 1 1/2 pages of text under the picture

I am intermediate skill level with writing, getting close to pro with the photography, but I don't know beans about putting it into a book

I am interested in almost everything and have lots of ideas in mind that Id like to write about, so I hunted around for tools to use, and Scrivener seemed like a good possibility.

I am from Central Alberta, Canada, and 63 years young gentleman, (well, maybe leave out the first part, (gentle) but I am a man last time I checked. and old enough to know better. (but I don't) I am told that I have to decide what i am going to be when I grow up, but I dont want to grow up. I am quite happy the way I am..

So with this happy little intro, I am here to try and figure out Scrivener, and use it to my best advantage for each different type of book I intend to write.

I have no idea yet, where to start, or what to do. lol so thats the end of this post.


I photographed this yesterday
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Hullo! I'm not really a writer, either, but I pretend to be one on TV. ;)

That picture's gorgeous. There's no end to great scenery in that part of the continent, too.
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Hello there in the Far North... I'm slightly south in Costa Rica.

Keep up the good work, Writing and Photography.

I'm a big fan of Scrivener, it's the Program I always wanted to write but BETTER.

I'm working on a Sci-Phi Novel (Science-PhiLOSOPHICAL), I'm about 75 percent on the first draft... maybe 10 more years I'll be up to 85...

Have Fun,

Please feel Free to Contact Me. I enjoy Conversation, Creativity, and Solutions (including Cuba Libres and Cabernet Sauvignon).