Inexpensive holiday places

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Mon Aug 11, 2008 4:40 pm Post

Sebbi wrote:Camping is a good way.

I have done camping for the first 35 years of my life. It is an option, but I would prefer to have a rest and find something different now.

The other thing i would highly recomend is volenteering.

Volunteering is a great idea, that I had not considered -- thank you. Since I already organize festivals and theatrical season in my area, this would also be a great opportunity for exchange and grouth.


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Mon Aug 11, 2008 5:18 pm Post

vic-k wrote:Mr Jaysen,
Disappointingly, it would appear that having conquered your doggy fixation, you are now developing a Kitchen Utensil fetish, and presenting with disturbing indications of anthropomorphic fantasisation of inanimate objects :shock:

Tell me...Does Mr Jaysen ever talk to Mr Pot and Mr Kettle, and do they ever talk to Mr Jaysen?

Have you made Dr Snort and Nurse Daughditor aware of these latest developments? If not, you should do so immediately.
Take care
Dr Mulality

Listen you. Don't you go dragging the better half and the "unfortunate unit A" into this. They have enough things items to mitigate without you unnecessarily adding more to their list.

As to the conversations between Mr. Pot, Mr. Kettle and me, they are none of your business.

I have a wife and 2 kids that I can only attribute to a wiggle, a giggle, and the realization that she was out of my league so I might as well be happy with her as a friend. 24 years marriage later, I can't imagine life without her. -Me 10/7/09


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Tue Jan 02, 2018 10:32 pm Post

The places you can visit are:
1. Singapore
2. Thailand
3. Bali
4. Europe
:lol: 8) :lol: 8)