Sci Fi Writing Advice?

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Hi. Would anyone care to share a link or book on science fiction writing that contained useful tips? For a beginner?

Also, does anyone have opinions on story types that Analog, Lightspeed, Asimov, Clarkesworld prefer? Yes, I've read their writer's submission pages but I was wondering if anyone could share impressions on these publications. Thanks!

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Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction
By Orson Scott Card, Philip Athans, Jay Lake

I used this for a class I took via Writer's Digest.

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Thu Oct 26, 2017 7:36 pm Post

It's not a book, but the podcast "Writing Excuses" has been helpful to me. They also published "Shadows Beneath", a collection of 4 short stories+transcripts of writing group discussions about those stories, a first draft, a "diff" between that and the finished draft, and a bit from each author about their process.
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