How many fiction writers do we have here?

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Here's my WIP. Please, be gentle.

2050, a California beach near Monterey:

Rachel danced around Isa, watchedher stand in the sand, her eyes covered by a blindfold. Isa, never one to be still, was shuffling her feet, the heat of the sun-baked sand beginning to hurt, herself moving in a small, dizzying circle. Isa didn't need her eyes to tell her the sounds of her children were happy ones.

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" they say it started when someone ****ed a monkey , if that's true I hope he had fun because he certainly shafted the rest of us" (its not starred out in the text, but i wasnt sure what the forum policy is on naughty words)

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WIPs all in the same universe.

One is a really dark story- which I'm lead to believe is going to be 3 different parts because of trauma that happens to my protagonist, and recovering from it all.

Another one is 10 years or so later.

I'm vague at the moment for the plot, because well- spoilers.

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This was done for a class about metqaphors and similes. I don't know why this came up, It's not what I usually write, but I thought it interesting.

The weekend at last. A marathon couldn’t be more draining than this week.
A cold beer awaits for me. A beer, late night TV is heaven sent.

The door opens. A late night disturbance. My beer and late night TV will have to wait. The call is from a building in the dark side of town.
Opening the door the silence is heavy. The room is dilapidated with the feel of decay. I call out, no answer. A false report. Time to meet up with my beer and TV.

As I approach the door, a sound. I turn to see something disappear down the hall that was musty and smells of death.
No one is here. My beer awaits. Movement, something brushes my neck. A sharp pain. Oblivion. Awakening a thirst, not for beer but a drink that is warm, sticky leaving me with a burning desire that races through my body. My anticipated weekend is now forgotten for eternal nights of hot blooded temptation.

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Wed Nov 23, 2016 1:50 pm Post

The first para of my second crime novel: Whisper of Death.

Meredith Bennington reaches for the shrieking mobile. Knocks it to the floor. Pads her fingers across the bedside rug. Probes for the recently updated iPhone.

I write fiction, but am also working on a memoir / auto bio (haven't fully decided whether it will be a snapshot or the full shebang) that presently stands at 110,000 words. Sounds a lot, but if one can pratt on like I do, it's a piece of pi**.

Also venture into poetry, but not new-age poetry that even the poet can't understand. So I might write a few verses of hearts and flowers and then go back to killing characters: stabbings; cling wrap around the head; drownings; knifes; spiked drinks; okay, that's enough - you'll all think there's a very sad case just joined!!

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First paragraph of the second scene from my book, Weaver of Dreams

They had ridden barely a mile, cutting through empty farmland. The road to Kas Mendoc lay before them. It wound through a shallow gully that had eroded over time with the passage of wind and water. Now the road resembled a stream, fed by rivulets of water running down the sides of the gully, flowing swiftly downhill.

I'll have to open up Scrivener to get my first line.
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The first line of my in-progress novel:
"Time to go, Audrey! Hurry up!"
Audrey stuffed her laptop into her night-bag and zipped it up.

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*Raises hand*

I'm an indie writer/self-pubbed author. :D
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