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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Coding XML Formats in Cocoa

I’ve long been intending to add some technical, coding-related content to this blog. I’ve always admired the blogs of other developers who share some of the coding problems they have faced and solutions they have reached, and in developing Scrivener there are a number of issues that I’ve come across and found solutions for that […]

Why I Hate Sky But Quite Like David

Grr, Sky! Grr, Cornwall! (The sky I am referring to is the corporation owned by devil-incarnate Rupert Murdoch*, by the way, and not the most excellent canopy, the brave overhanging firmament, the majestical roof fretted with… Not the actual sky, I mean.)Despite the year being 2010 (2010! Where’s my hovercar? Where’s my robot butler?), thanks […]

Stardust and Inciting Incidents

Just to warn those who read this blog purely for Scrivener-related news: this post is only tangential to Scrivener, as it’s about my own fumbling attempts at writing (for which I use Scrivener, obviously), so you can safely tune out if you don’t like reading self-indulgent prattle.One of the reasons I created Scrivener in the […]

The iPad and Mac Development

So. The iPad. (You may have heard of it. It’s a neat little gadget Apple released last week without much fanfare.) There are commentators out there declaring it the world’s most expensive Etch-a-Sketch (unfair; it has no stylus), and others praising it as being as “magical” and “revolutionary” as Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive would […]