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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Final Draft 8

For all those scriptwriters out there, and for all those who don’t already know, Final Draft 8 was finally released not long ago. Final Draft is, of course, the industry standard of scriptwriting programs, and version 8 brings with it a raft of new features and an overhaul to the interface that makes it feel […]

Creating TIF files with multiple images

So, in overhauling Scrivener’s toolbar graphics and other graphic elements for 2.0, I noticed that a lot of OS X apps handle toolbar images a little more elegantly than Scrivener 1.x. Scrivener’s toolbar looks fine when the icon size is set to normal, but if you set the it to use the small image size, […]

Apple: friendlier

A couple of years ago I got all huffy about how Apple had withheld the Leopard beta released at WWDC ’07 from developers who had paid for access to Leopard betas but could not attend WWDC, only finally releasing it to other Apple Developer Connection Select and Premier members about a month later – meaning […]