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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Scrivener first week, 1.01 and Xbox 360 distractions

Well, the first week of Scrivener going on a 1.0 release has gone way better than I could have hoped. Thank you to everybody who has purchased a copy or just taken the time to give me feedback so far. Notable events of the past couple of weeks include:– Michael Marshall Smith wrote his new […]

Scrivener makes 1.0

Well, Scrivener finally got to a 1.0 release yesterday, and I would like to sincerely thank* all of those users who have beta-tested both Scrivener Gold and then the Scrivener 1 betas over the past couple of years. You have all helped make Scrivener a much better application, truly. When I released beta 1 several […]

Gearing up for 1.0

Well, as of today I am putting the finishing touches on Scrivener’s Help file (though it needs proof reading; it is very fortunate that the users of Scrivener are writers – a naturally pedantic* bunch, meself included).What does this mean? Well, hopefully it means that Scrivener should go on sale sometime during the week beginning […]