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Monthly Archives: July 2006

Full Screen: Evolved

As promised, a couple of screenshots of Scrivener’s new full screen mode. It’s not finished yet – I mainly just have to hook everything up – but these should give you a good idea of how it’s going to look. The first screenshot shows how full screen mode when you launch into it, with no […]

Full Screen Ponderings and the Nature of Shareware

(Note: It’s late and I can’t be bothered right now to go through and check for spelling errors and missing words, so please excuse any poor grammar.)During the coding of the new full screen mode for Scrivener (still unfinished, grr), I suddenly realised that I’d made a silly mistake: the new keywords panel in Scrivener […]

MacBook Problems Continue

Argh! I don’t believe it! (As Victor Meldrew would say.) I’m on my third top case and trackpad for this ruddy MacBook, and now they are starting to discolour too – after less than a week. This is ridiculous. Will I have to send my MacBook back to Apple every fortnight forever just to make […]

One more interface task to go…

The new Scrivener interface is coming along nicely. All that remains now is building the full-screen window and control panel. After that, I am ready to start bringing in all of the “brain code” from Scrivener Gold and the never-released Scrivener 0.3b. That will take a couple of months, but once it’s done and the […]

Buggy monitor…

I think this is the funniest post to the Apple support forums I have ever seen: feel sorry for the guy, I really do, but I couldn’t help laughing my head off. Here’s a direct link to the YouTube vid, in which you can see the guy try, but fail, to swat the insect living […]

When I was teaching at Harvard, darlings…

In today’s Grauniad, Zadie Smith writes about the “genesis” of her recent Booker-prize winning novel, On Beauty. Some quotes:“Public accounts [of how a book begins] tend to have a fictional texture – this is not to say they’re untrue, but they are writerly explanations, fished from the sea that is the book itself.”“The clues to […]

The Mac is back… to Apple

Sigh… UPS just came around to take my MacBook back to Apple – again. I do hope they fix everything this time around – the discolouration, the poorly fitted replacement top-case, the chip they caused in the polycarbonate and so on. I don’t have particularly high hopes, but at least they are trying to do […]

Edward Wheatley of Norfolk

Edward Wheatley of Norfolk, wherever you are, I salute you for your hilarious parody of antiquated and anachronistic attitudes in your letter to the Sunday Times of 9th July, 2006! It perfectly captures the sort of thing you might have expected a Daily Mail reader to have written twenty years ago. Ha! Oh, hold on […]


Yeah, that entry title has nothing to do with much other than being a pointless pun on the word “interface” and the film “Face/Off” (and as if it wasn’t pointless enough to begin with, I’ve just exacerbated the the whole pointlessness with a pointless explanation).I’ve been working on Scrivener for most of the day again […]

M for Mac Junkies

I am a Mac-user. Obviously, or I wouldn’t be developing an application in Cocoa for OS X. I like OS X. Actually, I love OS X. OS X is a wonderful operating system. And Apple machines look rather nice. THIS DOES NOT MAKE APPLE COMPUTER INFALLIBLE. It just means they have some good software engineers […]